Beginning in July, Google Chrome will mark all HTTP websites as ‘not secure’ according to Google’s security blog published on February 8th by Emily Schechter, Chrome Security Product Manager.

Chrome currently displays a neutral information icon but moving forward from July the browser will warn users with a notification in the address bar if sites are not secured. Chrome currently marks HTTPS encrypted sites with a green lock icon and “Secure” sign. If your site is unsecured you run the risk of loosing cliental, due to the ‘unsecured’ notification that will appear on Chrome browsers.

If you haven’t already done so, we recommend protecting your website with an SSL certificate and HTTPS. This is especially important if you are in the process of or thinking about starting inbound marketing.

Google began down-ranking unencrypted sites in 2015, however with this latest push we can safely assume that down-ranking will take a front seat in this latest change in security protocol.

Landing pages with non-HTTPS forms will be perceived as unsafe, and few people will want to leave information on a page marked as unsecured.

If you have pages where people log in or where you can leave payment information, it will be critical that you have SSL and HTTPS in place. Google began sending out alerts about unsecured pages through Google Search Console last Summer. If your company has a website, you may want to check if you have received a notification.

Now this may sound confusing, but fortunately it’s not too complicated to set up. For a quick analysis of your site get in touch with us at, we can provide a free quote to get you up to date on your sites security and provide the necessary fixes to make sure your site, and users stay safe.